Mint Reading Launch

11th August 2021

Pottermore Publishing launches its first ever Leisure Reading programme in China.

The ‘Harry Potter Mint Reading Camp’ brings a touch of magic to English language learners in China

Summer 2021 sees the launch of the new ‘Harry Potter Mint Reading Camp’ in China. The ‘education light’ programme is based on the seven original Harry Potter books and features both text from the stories and excerpts from the audiobooks, both published digitally by Pottermore.

Founded in 2012, Mint Reading is the most popular online reading community in China. This latest international collaboration from Pottermore Publishing will give Mint Learning’s 15 million subscribers the opportunity to access original Harry Potter content in order to gain a confident grasp of the English language.

On signing up for the year-long reading camp, Chinese readers will receive one-to-one tuition, bespoke study handouts, a special Harry Potter glossary, access to an online study group chat, a presentation case including hardback copies of the seven Harry Potter books, stickers, a bookmark and a welcome letter.

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