Wizarding World Titles in Both Chinese and English Launch on HUAWEI Books

13th June 2024

Pottermore’s eBook catalogue is now available on the official HUAWEI Books reader app. 

On 1st May 2024 Pottermore Publishing launched the complete Harry Potter series, amongst other Wizarding WorldTM titles on HUAWEI Books coinciding with celebrations for World Book Day in China. HUAWEI Books is the official reading app for HUAWEI customers, with over 100 million monthly active users.  

To celebrate the launch we worked with the HUAWEI Books team to design a push notification, banners and pop-up ads featuring our wonderful Chinese style artwork, which showcases the bespoke cover designs for the Chinese versions of Harry Potter 1-7. These marketing assets were used in-app and across various social channels in China, such as WeChat and Weibo. The initial launch release generated much excitement from fans in China, with over 28 million total exposures!  

We are delighted to be reaching more of our audience in China through this launch and we’re looking forward to our continued collaboration with the team at HUAWEI Books.

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