Bespoke Harry Potter Cover Artwork now widely available in the Chinese Market

10th July 2023

The beautiful Daxi artwork is now available to all Chinese partners. 

From what started as enchanting audiobook covers to accompany the release of Harry Potter 1-7 in Chinese Audio with Ximalaya, Pottermore Publishing are now excited to release the Daxi artwork into the wider Chinese market. In June 2022, the first audio instalment of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (哈利·波特与魔法石) narrated by three voice actors was released by Pottermore in collaboration with Ximalaya. In April 2023, we celebrated the completion of the series with the final episode of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (哈利·波特与死亡圣器) marking the first time the complete, Harry Potter series has been available in Chinese audio.

The success of this release has been record-breaking, with 10 million listens in the first 10 days post-launch and rave reviews from fans in China. One listener commented that ‘my son has been waiting for the two new episodes every day’ whilst another drew attention to the audiobook artwork stating, ‘the artwork for all seven audiobooks is beautifully crafted and they are so unique’. The stunning images were created by design house Daxi especially for the Chinese market and feature enchanting moments from the stories themselves. Find out more about the design process here.

The bespoke artwork has already been utilised across marketing initiatives in China to promote the story of The Boy Who Lived. From a wrapped metro train in Shanghai used by 500,000 people per day, to a very popular red packet campaign in celebration of Chinese New Year, there have been plenty of opportunities for fans to admire the iconic scenes from the books. Akin Cankorur, Creative Lead at Pottermore Publishing commented that the artwork captures, ‘the magic of the wizarding world and brings exciting scenes to life in an enchanting way’.


From June 2023, all partners with the Harry Potter eBooks in Chinese will now have these covers along with extra marketing resources, including new backgrounds, helping Pottermore Publishing to share the magic with an even wider audience in China.

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