Pottermore Publishing partners with Google Assistant for Back to Hogwarts

23rd August 2019

Pottermore Publishing has launched a new feature with Google Assistant which allows readers to access a chapter from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with a simple spoken command.

To celebrate Back to Hogwarts this year, Pottermore Publishing has partnered with Google Assistant to allow exclusive access to chapter six of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone via Google Assistant – Google’s voice-activated service.

Chapter Six is the first time that Harry boards the Hogwarts Express after receiving his letter inviting him to attend the world-famous wizarding school, despite the best attempts of the Dursleys. It’s also the first time we are introduced to Neville, Ron, Hermione and Draco – who Harry refuses to shake hands with. In short, it’s the start of the relationships that form the backbone of the Harry Potter stories.

To access the chapter, you will need the Google Play Books app downloaded on your mobile (Android and iOS app). Then simply open your Google Assistant: If you have an Android smartphone, Google Assistant is already on your phone – just hold down the home button and say ‘Hey Google, tell me a Harry Potter story’ or download the Google Assistant app to your iPhone. . You’ll be transported to platform nine and three-quarters by the power of audio in no time!

The feature is live now. Just open Google Assistant to get started.


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