Back to Hogwarts 2023

26th September 2023

Pottermore Publishing, fans of the Wizarding WorldTM and an array of retail and library partners from across twenty-five markets, celebrated Back to Hogwarts in the biggest and best year to date.

September 1st marks the start of a new school year at Hogwarts, and fans from all over the world gather each year to celebrate the occasion now known as Back to Hogwarts. This year, twenty-five markets used our enchanting marketing toolkit, focused on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as we continue to encourage readers journey’s through the stories after focusing on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone throughout the summer months. The forefront of our creative this year took inspiration from the mischievous way Harry and Ron found their own way back to Hogwarts in the second story.


Our retail and library partners loved our toolkit as much as us and used the creative in both its static and animated form in a variety of ways. From social posts and banners to email campaigns and push notifications, we worked hard to create marketing that was exciting and new, encouraging readers and listeners to engage in the stories – whether as a first-timer or long-standing fan.

Excitingly, we enjoyed the biggest Back to Hogwarts presence in China for digital publishing. Ximalaya celebrated on social media and even had a presence at the Back to Hogwarts fan event in Chengdu, while Dedao worked on engaging their active in-app audience with a Back to Hogwarts themed quiz.

In the wider franchise, the annual event at King’s Cross Station in London enjoyed a record number of visitors, with a butter-beer truck and a surprise proposal! Whilst over in Germany, the world record for the number of people dressed up as Harry Potter was smashed, with 1,748 fans adorning his famous wizard robes and glasses outside Hamburg’s city hall. For those who couldn’t attend any of the in-person events, the Back to Hogwarts showcase was livestreamed on YouTube, announcing all of the exciting things to look forward to in the wizarding world.

With another bumper Back to Hogwarts complete, we look forward to a successful new school year from the Wizarding World.

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