Pottermore Publishing releases new Amazon FreeTime Skill

17th April 2020

Dive headfirst into the wondrous world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts with a new interactive audiobook game.

A new Alexa Skill from Pottermore Publishing is available in the US from today through the Amazon FreeTime service. To access it simply say, ‘Alexa, open Wizarding World quiz’.

The new FreeTime skill is aimed at younger listeners (primarily 8-12) and requires no prior knowledge of the series. Instead it is comprehension-based, with all of the information required to answer the questions contained in the audio clips.

There will be three brand new questions every day, which can be answered by listening to passages from our audiobooks. In the process listeners will learn about spells, potions and all manner of tales from the wizarding world. Returning users can answer bonus questions, earn special badges, and enjoy themed content on special events, including character birthdays and important dates from the books, such as Back to Hogwarts.

The first seven days of questions are available for free, with unlimited access available through the premium version, which is $4.99. Unlimited access is also available through an Amazon FreeTime subscription.

This is the second Pottermore Publishing Alexa Skill. The first, ‘The Official Harry Potter Quiz’, launched in late 2018. This is available for free in the US and the UK (but is not in the FreeTime service). Players use the command ‘Play Harry Potter Quiz’ for any Alexa device, listen to clips from the audiobooks and answer three questions a day, scoring individual points for themselves and their Hogwarts house. The game has amassed over 100 questions and is now available in India, Australia and Canada alongside the US and UK.

Happy quizzing!


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