Magical Mischief 2022

16th May 2022

A round-up of activity from this year’s celebrations.

From Peeves the poltergeist to the Weasley twins’ pranks, stories from the Wizarding World™ are filled with mischief. Every year during the month of March, the franchise celebrates these playful moments and characters with the tentpole, Magical Mischief.

This year, our dedicated retailer toolkit starred a magical beast that’s always causing trouble: a Niffler! We partnered with creative agency, Studio La Plage, to create illustrations of a Niffler surrounded by a pile of gold coins, a nod to the Care of Magical Creatures class Hagrid led in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. These lovable creatures are known for their fondness of anything shiny and have become particular fan-favourites after their appearances in the Fantastic Beasts film series.



Several of our partners supported the moment on their web and social channels, with hoopla even hosting a dedicated quiz to test their followers’ knowledge.

Magical Mischief might be over for another year, but we’ve got a whole host of exciting activities for fans to get involved with over the coming months. We can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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