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Head of Retail Marketing

What I do in my current role?

I oversee the marketing team as we work with our retail and library partners to make sure all the marketing that features our eBook and audiobooks is super high quality, on-brand and of course canonically accurate!

What Wizarding World character do you identify most with and why?

Professor Pomona Sprout – because I absolutely love plants and get a huge kick from seeing things grow.

Which house do you belong to – and do you think you’ve been correctly sorted?

I’m a proud Slytherin, and very happy to have been sorted into a house with traits such as resourcefulness and determination. I have Ravenclaw traits too, like love of learning and creativity, but reckon my Slytherin traits are more prominent. However, if I were a first-year embarking on seven years at Hogwarts that might be a different story; I wouldn’t be thrilled by the prospect of hanging out with the many dodgy characters of Slytherin so would probably try to persuade the sorting hat to put me in Ravenclaw.

A fact about me that surprises people

I play a bunch of musical instruments!


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