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Marketing Director

What I do in my current role?

I run the marketing team at Pottermore, working on product launches, new projects and collaborating with retail partners around the world. We also work on content partnerships with many partners to make our eBooks and audiobooks accessible to children and families everywhere, which I lead for the business.

What wizarding world character do you identify most with and why?

That would have to be the hero of the story, Harry Pott… oh, who am I kidding? I identify strongly with Dobby, as I can never seem to find any socks.

Which house do you belong to – and do you think you’ve been correctly sorted?

I’ve been sorted nine times during my time at Pottermore, and the current tally is Ravenclaw 1, and Gryffindor 8, so I reckon that’s pretty conclusive.

A fact about me that surprises people

I was once bitten by a snake while out running with my dog. She was no use whatsoever.

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