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Senior Account Manager

What I do in my current role?

I’m part of the team that manages the global digital sales rights for all Wizarding World eBook and audio content. Broadly, I research different markets, build new business partnerships and negotiate our contractual and financial terms to get Harry Potter to as many readers as possible.

What Wizarding World character do you identify most with and why?

I grew up distinctly Luna Lovegood, with my head in the clouds. Although I’ve come back down to earth as an adult, I still indulge my inner-Luna from time to time.

Which house do you belong to – and do you think you’ve been correctly sorted?

I was very proud to be sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m an avid reader of almost any subject and never want to stop learning, so I feel it’s a good fit.

A fact about me that surprises people

As well as English, French and Italian, I can speak a secret language, called Egg.

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